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*Be Starting NEw* (wedding)

I know that choosing a photographer for your wedding is very important. The memory filled images that the photographer takes will be a story to remember and show for generations to come. I know that budgets are different for every wedding, I have a variety of packages to pick from.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You will have pictures to have forever and show for generations to come. The thing that truly lasts long after your wedding day. I want you to look back at your pictures and remember all your wedding and have a flood of memories. I want your children and others to look at your pictures and see all your emotions and your personality. I know all brides are on a budget so I have made some packages but I also have broke them down so you are able to customize your wedding day package.

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Contact me through my site or send a direct email to, although you are more than welcome to call me as well. Just keep in mind that because I am a busy mom it sometimes just takes me a little bit longer to get back with you.

I am so excited to work with you! Can’t wait!



If you have a talent/hobby feel free to bring an accessory to complement your talent. For example, toe shoes, guitar, ball, jerseys,pictures of friends,homework:) etc!! Try to be You. Don’t do something new that you don’t normally do stick with things you normally do so you don’t look back later and think why did I do that! Your senior pictures define who you are! This is your opportunity to express your style and personality. So be YOU! relax and we will have a blast. Please include in your email what music, artist and 3 songs you love also a little about who YOU are, your personality. Plan to bring a couple outfits and accessories. Be sure clothing is organized for quick changes. An undershirt underneath clothing makes it easier to switch clothing fast.

*Girls*- Accessories such as jewelry, scarves, belts, heels, headbands and hats are awesome additions to an image.

I tend to love layers, prom dresses, ect anything that signifies you please bring we will be creative.

Make-up- sometimes it helps to add a little more foundation. When applying mascara try to avoid clumps. Also fake eye lashes are a great way to make your photos pop your eyes. Bring your make up for touch ups. Soft lip gloss is preferred but if it’s to wear bright red go for it.. Don’t worry if you have any blemishes retouching is an easy fix.

*Guys*- When choosing 2-3 outfits include your favorite clothing. Layered looks work well for guys, coordinate a t-shirt with a long sleeve button up,sweater,shirt or jacket.

Solid colors work best, try avoiding white and lots of busy prints or graphics. Accessories such as hats, awesome shoes, sports equipment,jerseys ect. A fresh shave the day of, haircut if needed, do at least 3 days before.

Being Goal Oriented

Is to capture real life moments, so when you look at these later on you will have a flood of memories. And those looking at the photographs will be able to tell your personality. Our session will be fun because it is relaxed and you are doing what you normally do.

Be on Location

On Location with newborns I will come to your house. I will use very limited props. I like to find out your personality and scope out locations best suited for YOU.


The session fee is due when scheduling your session. If someone happens to be sick that day I will gladly reschedule please call asap

Be fashionable- WHAT TO WEAR

Be You! Layers tend to look best. For families layers accessories, a couple colors that go well with each other. Children something comfy that they love. I personally love bright colors on children. Babies look best either without clothes or just a diaper and cover. A favorite Blanket. Maternity I love tight shirt or a beautiful dress that shows that gorgeous belly and that precious baby inside.


Please arrive about 10 minutes early so we can get to know each other a little better. Come well rested. We will try to make this an enjoyable session. It is best to be yourself and relax and enjoy the moment. With Children I have found the less verbal direction they are given from their parents, the better they do. We will play games and make each other laugh I will let you know If I need your help.


Depending on the package you choose. I try to keep it fun for everyone. Make sure you let dad know how long he is expected to be there. I have found that children get restless and worn out if we try to have to long of a session. I wont let the session end until I feel we have accomplished what we want.

Newborn sessions, these tender souls have a mind of their own and are very hard to predict. We will take as long as we need to get the images I know you will love.z


I will need your email address or phone number and contact you to let you know your images are ready.

Print purchases will be delivered within approximately 3-4 weeks from the session date

WHAT FORMS OF PAYMENT ARE ACCEPTED? cash, money orders, credit/ debit cards and paypal no checks are accepted sorry. Full payment is required when booking your session.


All clients are required to sign a model release and copyright notice prior to their session. All images are the property of Rachael Nelson Photography, and are protected by federal copyright laws. Therefore, you may not copy images, without prior consent. It is illegal to scan pictures and make copies!

Rachael Nelson Photography reserves the right to publish and print all images and photographs for marketing and promotional purposes.

*Custom Frames*

I’m a proud vendor of the original Orgainc Bloom frames. I am in love with the style and colors. These are completely customized how you want. Any size, color, and style. Here are some samples. When you buy prints from me, we can see what frame works best for your style and print. Get a single or multiple. I have sample colors you can see in person when choosing your frame.