About Me


Thank-you for visiting my website! My name is Rachael Nelson. I’m a mother of three energetic little boys with darling dimples, and a wife of a loving,patient and very funny  husband who makes me laugh every day.  I love spending time with my family.

My love for photography started when I had my children, documenting their lives. Then I started to have a passion with documenting others peoples lives as well.

A little bit of me- I love the sun either beaming down on me or watching sunsets, I love watching light and what is does for a person in pictures and in health. A late night photoshop junkie, A little ocd.,Tender hearted, determined, caring, confident, creative, and family oriented. I hate putting socks together after they come out of the dryer. I have to have a clean sink absolutely no dishes  in there! I love cuddling and playing make believe with my children. I love having Family dance parties daily. I also love crepes and could eat them every day. I twirl my hair and have since I was a baby. I love eating english food like crumpets and cornish pasties,ribina ect. As well as watching soccer especially real salt lake. Must be the half english in me.

About my style of photography, I am an on location Photographer. I love trying to capture “real Life” your true personality.  I like to think of myself as a story teller and by taking your pictures I am documenting your life and it’s story. I love to capture you being YOU. Being you means the curiosity of a toddler, kids making silly faces, a new mother snuggling her newborn, a family snuggled in bed with their feet hanging out, a teen doing what they do best, a newly married or soon to be married couple the excitement in their eyes, wondering what is new in store for them and the incredible journey. A mother expecting and the tender heart and calmness about them. What ever you is, is what I’d like to capture so when you and who ever else looks at these down the road will get a little glimpse of who YOU are. I do take some posed shoots but not many of families and wedding shoots as well as newborns. But for most I tend to like spontaneous shoots. Before the session I like to ask you about you what you like and find out who YOU are. That will enable me to help find and bring out your true personality. At all sessions I like us to arrive at least 10 minutes before the shoot and get to know each other a little better this is especially important for children.

Newborns and Babies– I am very patient and know these tender souls have a time of there own. We will work on their schedule. I am fine for a little feeding time.

Children– I like to aquatint myself and play with them a bit. I like it to be real relaxed and playful. It helps me to be in charge with out having the pressures of a parent. It also helps if your child has a good nights rest, normal routine before or after nap. We can work around their schedules so they are at their most happy.

Teens– bring something that signifies you! I love bright colors and layers. I try to be more creative because teens are more willing to try new things and sometimes I have been known to bring some music to spice up the shoot.

Families– Relax no stressing Moms and Dads, we will be organized so it is less stress on you. I can help with what to wear, location that fits your personality and help with deciding what you are looking for to decorate your home. Couples shoots, kids together, individuals shoots.

Engagements– BE YOU, if your first date was at a restaurant or your favorite hang out together  we will be creative and put together amazing pictures at your favorite location (if there is a meaningful one). There is something about couples in love the excitement in their eyes and pure love beaming from them.

Maternity– Don’t worry I take great care of you, don’t get me wrong I take care of all my clients but you get a little extra care. Lots of breaks if needed ,water….anything you need! I like to have you wear something tight on your belly to show how beautiful you are with that precious child inside you. I try to capture the excitement of meeting that new personality.

Weddings– I love weddings everyone is so full of joy! There are so many emotions to capture and these photographs you will treasure for years to come along with the generations after that.

Photographs are the best investment you can make because they last forever.

The best way to contact me is through email www.rachaelnelsonbeyou@gmail.com or through the home page contact. I am a very busy mom but if you prefer you are welcome to call me @ 801-953-4444 and I will get back to you ASAP!

I look forward to meeting and working with you and helping you tell your story.